Hello, I'm
Manuel Munoz
Berkeley EECS '25 • Software Engineer
Full Stack Development • Python • JS • React • Flask • GraphQL • NoSQL • SQL • Leadership • Team Player
Whatnot (W20)
Software Engineer Intern
Worked at a fast-paced startup as part of their discovery team, aiming to maximize user experience through search and browse.
Led engineering of a project to implement saved searching on the platform.
Created client oriented API endpoints using GraphQL and Flask. Managed a PostgreSQL database for storing data
Used React to create efficient, user-centered interfaces.
Collected user metrics through logging and conducted data analysis to measure impact.
Projct credited with 4% increase in daily active users over a 3 month period
CoFounder & lead Engineer
Cofounded and led development of RateMyTherapyCompany, aiming to help traveling healthcare specialists find and review contractural Jobs. Currently serving 60+ daily active users
What I did
Handled complete user login / signup flow, including secure authentication via encryption and flows for verifying contact information and resetting accoutn information via automated email.
Managed and handled data from 200+ companies and accounts into a NoSQL MongoDB database. Made use of advanced search indices, pagination, and custom filtering to deliver this data via endpoints to users.
Created and implemented client designs, following essential techniques for good UI/UX design to make the experience user-centered
My Projects and Other Experiences
Study Bear
FullStack Decal Final Project
Web application designed to help students find study groups around berkeley.
Focused on frontend development using React, creating dynamic and interactive React components / pages
Design and implementation of inuitive UI/UX design
studyBearthe completed website
Personal Typing Game
Based On Monkeytype
Racing Typing game based on
Use of raw html / css / javascript to create a smooth and responive user experience.
Use of flask to manage logic behind the game state and store / manage data.
studyBearMiddle of typing game, displaying the users speed (WPM) at the top
Raspberry Pi Utility Server (RPUS)
Actively Being Developed
Created a server using flask hosted on Raspberry Pi providing various utilities accessible via API endpoints including:
Bot for sending personal reminder notifications via email / sms
Ability to control nearby lights, screens, and other accessory via 2.4 ghz transeivers
SMS chatbot hooked up to OpenAi API for ease of access from anywhere
Created IOS interface using Swift for accessing API endpoints I created from my personal phone
Actively stored data in a PostgreSQL database hosted by AWS RDS
rpiSetupThe server setup, including tranceiver modules and display
Build Your Own World (BYOW)
School Project
Top-down style video game created in Java with Princeton's stdDraw library
Creation of algorithms for random generation of world layout in every play through based on a seed
Algorithms for procedural world generation, creating a constantly evolving experience.
Creation of complex data structues to handle game state and logic
BYOWPlayer must explore while the world is engulfed in lava